The sections that make up the 1968 revision have no historical notes. Subsequent changes are indicated by notices attached to the sections concerned. The indexes that appear at the beginning of each article, the notes that appear at the end of the different sections, and the section and subsection headings are added editorially and should not be considered part of the Constitution. 1. Except as provided in this Subdivision, the amendment to Section 1 of this Section relating to the selection and duties of district officers shall come into force on 5 January 2021, but shall govern the qualification and conduct of primaries and general elections for district constitutional officers in 2020. SECTION 9. Legislative authority over the City of Jacksonville and Duval County. — The Legislative Assembly has the power to establish, amend, or abolish a local corporation known as the City of Jacksonville, which extends territorially beyond the present boundaries of Duval County, in place of any or all county, district, local, and local governments, councils, bodies, and officials. constitutional or statutory, legislative, executive, judicial or administrative, and prescribes the competence, powers, duties and functions of that municipal body, its legislative, executive, judicial and administrative body, as well as its councils, bodies and officials; divide the territory belonging to such a municipality into subordinate districts and prescribe a fair and proportionate tax system for those municipalities and districts; and the responsibility of these municipalities and districts. Debt securities and other debt instruments that existed at the time of the creation of such a municipality are enforceable only against assets that were therefore taxable. Parliament shall from time to time determine which part of that municipality is a rural area, and property in such a rural area may not be limited as in a city or municipality.

This municipality may exercise all the powers of a municipal body and is also recognized as one of the legal political departments of the State with the duties and duties of a county and is entitled to all powers, rights and privileges, including representation in the State legislature, which would be incumbent upon it if it were a county. All property of the County of Duval and the municipalities of that county shall pass to such municipal corporation when it is established as provided herein. The positions of Circuit Court Clerk and Sheriff will not be abolished, but the Legislative Assembly may prescribe when and how these positions are filled and the remuneration to be paid to such officers, and may delegate additional powers and duties to them. No district office may be abolished or merged with another office without providing for the performance of all the statutory functions of the State by that district official. Nothing in this document affects Article III, Article 20, of the Constitution of the State of Florida, with the exception of the provisions contained therein, which concern the regulation of the jurisdiction and duties of any type of public servant, the subpoena and summons of large and small juries, the determination and collection of taxes for the purposes of the county, and the regulation of the fees and remuneration of county officers. No Act authorizing the establishment or abolition of such a municipal body under this section may come into force or come into force until it has been approved by a majority of the qualified electors participating in an election in that district, but as long as such a municipal body exists under this section, the legislature may apply the law, which permits the same without a referendum, amend it or extend it to qualified voters, unless the legislative act providing for such an amendment or extension provides for such a referendum. (4) The County Board shall continue to receive its proportionate share of all revenues that the State pays to individual counties from any source, and the State of Florida shall pay to the Commission all revenues that may have been paid to a municipality in Dade County that may be abolished by or by the method provided for in this Charter of Self-Government; provided, however, that the Commission reimburses the Florida auditor for all costs incurred, keeping separate records to determine the amounts of money that would have been payable to such a municipality […].


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