How do you save money with the 12-month annual contract? The following example is provided for reference only. Prices differ for each farm depending on size and other variables. In this region, most healthy lawns are mowed 30-40 times a year. If you had to pay an average price per cut of $40 per cut 35 times a year, that would be a total of $1400. With an annual contract of $1200, there is an immediate saving of $200 for the same property. In addition, our annual contract includes important services that keep your garden healthy and beautiful, but with the Pro-Cut program, incur additional costs, such as.B. cleaning autumn leaves and cleaning on site. Plus, you`ll save on other optional services you add, such as mulching and pruning .B. You can even choose our monthly payment option at no additional cost.

But most importantly, your garden is beautiful all year round, which can increase the value of your home and surrounding neighborhood. Contact us for an individual quote. * We ask that you do not make payments to employees who provide services on your property. Sending payments directly to our mailbox ensures that your payment is delivered securely and on time. We do not currently accept credit cards. Landscaping companies do considerable work that goes far beyond and usually establish relationships with their clients with a landscaping contract. These creative professionals can assess the terrain, install irrigation devices, and design aesthetic lawns and gardens. They usually operate as sole proprietorships or limited liability companies (LLCs). Therefore, it is important that landscaping companies not only understand how to negotiate a contract, but also have a reliable and enforceable document.

Below, you can use the following landscaping contract template to help you get started or give you a better overview of what you need to include. Once we have signed up for our lawn care itinerary, we offer continuous service from week to week and year to year, unless we are notified of a change. It is the customer`s responsibility to inform Winkler`s Lawn Care & Landscape at least 24 hours before the normal service date if a change to the usual service is required. If no notification is received and the property cannot be maintained, the customer will be charged as usual. If regular maintenance cannot be performed due to site conditions not provided for by Winkler`s Lawn Care & Landscape (e.g. B pets/people in the service area, unusually wet/dry conditions, locked doors, running irrigation system, etc.), resulting in additional trips to your property to complete the services, you may be entitled to a minimum fee for the , even if no service is provided. If a landscaping contractor offers work to a homeowner, you need to set up the agreement based on your state`s jurisdiction and the task at hand. It`s common to ask clients to sign a landscaping contract, and it`s nothing out of the ordinary. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible to achieve the main objectives of the agreement. A lawn care contract allows a client to enter into an agreement with a landscaper for commercial or private services for a fee. The landscaper will usually provide lawn mowing, roofing, pruning and any other maintenance requests from the client. Services are usually scheduled, especially for business customers, with the customer paying a recurring weekly or monthly amount.

I focus my practice on startups and small and medium-sized businesses because they have unique needs for which medium and large law firms are not well equipped. In addition to my work as a lawyer, I have founded and run other companies and have an MBA in Marketing from Indiana University. I combine my business experience with my legal expertise to give practical advice to my clients. I am licensed in Ohio and California and use the latest technology to provide high-quality legal services to a national client base. This allows me to serve my customers profitably without sacrificing personalized service. If you need legal advice to draft a landscaping contract, talk to a contract attorney in your state to help you get started. The cost of landscaping depends on the type of services you request and whether you receive ongoing maintenance. While the national average annual landscaping costs are about $14,000, this number can be higher or lower depending on your needs. Always get multiple offers for a project before choosing a supplier.

Highlight issues that may be ambiguous. The contract must specify which party is responsible for repairing items such as irrigation systems and fences in case they are damaged. An agreement should be reached on the use of chemicals on the lawn and who is responsible for the payment and use of these chemicals. A landscaping contract must contain several essential elements to make it enforceable and legal. Instead of having complicated legal language, the easier it is for customers and entrepreneurs to understand the agreed terms, the fewer disputes there are in the future. I graduated in 1984 from the youngest N Cardozo School of Law (Yeshiva University) and have been licensed in New Jersey for over 35 years. I have extensive experience in negotiating real estate, commercial agreements and loan agreements. Depending on your needs, I can work remotely or face-to-face. I offer a fast and courteous service and I can adapt a contract and a process to your needs. In addition to plain language, you should incorporate the following into your landscaping contract: Weeding and trimming/spraying cracks, curbs and seams in fortified surfaces or fences are NOT included in your regular lawn care service. Please contact our office to learn more about these additional services.

Winkler`s Lawn Care, LLC is not responsible for damage to fences, patio supports, foundations or siding of homes, downspouts, driveways, walkways, landscaped areas, plants, trees or other obstacles 0-6 inches from the ground where the cuts or edges are made. These areas resist normal wear and tear by constantly turning the cutting or edge heads. If you do not want the trimming or bordering to be done, please indicate this. When the grass is high, it is impossible to see all the obstacles that are in the way of our equipment. Winkler`s Lawn Care & Landscape, LLC is not responsible for damage to hidden obstacles. It is the customer`s responsibility to monitor the area for such obstacles before providing services. To ensure that these problems do not occur, we recommend that you regularly check the areas maintained by our equipment for pipes, sprinkler systems/appliances, garden furniture, children`s or pet toys, garbage and excessive limbs or tree remains.. .


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